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Our Clinicians

Lim Pei Yu Maureen

Sports Massage Therapist

Basic Massage Techniques (OJT)
• Level 1-3 Thai Massage
• Certificate in Foot Reflexology
• Level 1-3 Myofascial Release Therapy
• Sports & Orthopaedic Massage

Spoken languages: English, Mandarin, Hokkien

Maureen’s journey as a Massage Therapist started more than 20 years back, training on the job marketing massage products. With a keen passion and interest in helping clients with their various physical issues, Maureen went on to seek advanced training under the instructions of two renown teachers, Michael Stanborough (a Rolfer in Melbourne) and Dr Myk Hungerford (a Physical Therapist in USA).
Maureen was actively involved in events like marathons, SNAG, hockey, football. Volunteering and following cyclists at Charity Bike n Blade events in Malaysia was a truly inspiring and fulfilling experience  She also supported The Riverdance Troupe when they performed in Singapore in 2010.

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