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Physio & Sole Clinic is a podiatry and physiotherapy clinic in Singapore for the young, the active and the silver-haired. Everyone is welcome to our practice. As a homegrown practice, our team consists of local practitioners conversant in English, Mandarin and various dialects. Dedicated to helping you maintain an optimal quality of life, our physiotherapy and podiatry clinic offers comprehensive treatments complete with patient education.


Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore

Physio & Sole Clinic provides patient-centric physio treatments to help restore their quality of life. Our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore practises a wide range of techniques including manual therapy, functional rehabilitation, therapeutic exercises and soft tissue mobilisation. In addition, our team provides sports physiotherapy to athletes, so they can reduce their risk of sports and exercise-related injuries and continue their active lifestyle worry-free. If you’re looking for a physio clinic in Singapore that can help address your pain symptoms and mobility issues, you can rely on our team.

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Podiatry Clinic in Singapore

Our podiatrists are dedicated to helping patients make every step of their life pain-free. From infants to seniors, our podiatry clinic in Singapore offers treatment that helps in managing foot and leg conditions. Whether it is heel pain, musculoskeletal injuries, foot wounds as well as skin and nail conditions, our foot pain specialists are ready to thoroughly assess your condition and provide you with the appropriate solution for a fast and safe recovery. Know that all our podiatrists are registered under the Podiatry Association (Singapore).

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At Physio & Sole, we have a team of qualified physiotherapists and podiatrists in Singapore who are committed to providing you with a level of care that will help you achieve optimal recovery. Each of our staff is knowledgeable and skilled in delivering evidence-based treatment that can help improve your musculoskeletal or foot conditions. They work together with you in your recovery journey so that you can regain your mobility and prevent severe injuries or re-injury.


Our patients share their happy experiences of being cared for by our team!

Testimonial: Etni Ng

I was hospitalised for a severe back pain in Aug 2021. My physiotherapist, Yang Zhi, has given me encouragement both morally and at the same time, physical exercises that’s suitable for me to do. I would like to thank Yang Zhi for his continuous effort in helping me to regain my confident level and building up my stamina. I will surely recommend my friends to Physio & Sole Clinic whenever they need it.

The receptionists are also very friendly and supportive when it comes to fixing or changing of appointment dates. Thanks again Physio & Sole Clinic Jurong team for your wonderful service.

Etni Ng
Testimonial: Sumit Seth

Highly skilled and knowledgeable. The treatment was focused and highly effective. My progress over the last 4 weeks of physiotherapy sessions has been better than expected. Thanks to Joey. An outstanding experience!!

Front desk staff has been great in communication and overall support in terms of information as well as proactive follow-up prior to each appointment. Well done!!

Sumit Seth
Testimonial: Teresa Krohn

I would highly recommend my Physiotherapist Chester at Physio and Sole Clinic. The treatment and exercises provided were well adjusted to my needs after my rotator cuff surgery. He took the time to answer my questions and helped me understand my treatment better.

Teresa Krohn
Testimonial: Melvin Goh

Lynn was very gentle during the treatment procedure and she’s really professional towards explaining the cause and prevention of Plantar Warts which I recently caught with. Thanks once again Lynn!

Melvin Goh
Testimonial: Ronan Donohoe

Toto is a pleasure to deal with and I am very happy.

Ronan Donohoe
Testimonial: Tania Goel

Cindy, my therapist, and Kelvin, my podiatrist – both are very good listeners and they do their best to try different ways to address your foot and pain issues. They know their field well and have very good bedside manners. They are also very accessible so they can answer your questions anytime. I am glad I came to Physio & Sole for my foot pain and muscular issues. The entire staff is very nice and courteous. Professional Place.

Tania Goel
Testimonial: Stanley Teo

Yun Feng really pushes and help me stretch to my fullest potential. It shows in the effort he puts into the physical pushes, stretches, and application of pressure to loosen tight spots.

Stanley Teo
Testimonial: Yee Kar Yen

Cindy is a very sweet and caring lady. Very polite & bubbly. She is very attentive, will listen to you to express the level 3 area of pain, then to suggest a series of exercise to target the specific area for strengthening to get back the strength of my knees and help me get back to doing normal activity.

Yee Kar Yen
Testimonial: Giovanni

I was very concerned about my condition. I visited 3 different specialists and each of them had a different opinion. Sue Mei was the one who was able to give me confidence and comfort. I decided to keep visiting Sue Mei because she cared for me and her treatment proved to be very effective!

Testimonial: Pavich Regan

Yun Feng is a great conversationalist that provides fast service. The reception in Physio & Sole is also very friendly.

Pavich Regan
Testimonial: Kenneth Quek

Sue Mei is very professional and knowledgeable in helping me regain my post-op mobility. She has a pleasant and warm disposition which gives the patient an ease of mind. She is also conscientious and progressively keeps track of my condition and any new developments that may require attention to, and immediately remedies it with the same level of adequacy and knowledge. In short, I am glad to have been able to work with her.

Kenneth Quek
Testimonial: Saurabh Agarwal

Very thorough and detailed in evaluation and treatment. Cindy is caring towards her patients and take extra care while addressing issues and concerns. Very professional and knowledgeable. Cindy is an exceptional therapist who goes above and beyond for her patients.

Saurabh Agarwal
Testimonial: Lim Kuan Yiou

Wesley has been friendly and professional as a physiotherapist during the 7 months of rehabilitation with him for my torn anterior cruciate ligament. He is attentive and would advise on proper form and different kinds of exercises to target specific muscle groups.

Lim Kuan Yiou
Testimonial: Marie Song

Physio & Sole Clinic is a gem tucked in a corner of Tanglin Shopping Centre. They proved that regardless of size and location, a clinic only needs capable, efficient and high quality staff to meet your physiotherapy, podiatry and wellness needs. Thank you!

Marie Song
Testimonial: Poon Wenwei

A big thank you to the Physio & Sole Clinic team for helping me regain mobility on my left elbow. All of them are very caring, friendly and attentive, which makes my rehabilitation period a fun and relaxing one. Together with their professional service and passionate attitude, they gave me the ability and confidence to be back doing sports again.

Poon Wenwei
Testimonial: Deepa Kandasamy

Genevieve took exceptional care in treating my foot injury. Her explanation of my injury was very clear and I am extremely satisfied with the treatment provided.

Deepa Kandasamy
Testimonial: Yeo Wei Jie

Wesley is very patient and attentive. He provides clear explanation of the specifics of my ankle injury. My ankle hasn’t recovered for nearly a month after I sprained it, however after seeing Wesley, he helped me make a full recovery in less than 6 weeks since I’ve seen him! It probably would have been even faster if I had listened to the guidance

Yeo Wei Jie
Finance manager
Testimonial: Kean Lim

Wesley goes all out to make sure I am comfortable and is prompt in taking care of any problems I have. He is very friendly and I would definitely come back if I ever have any need for a physiotherapist!

Kean Lim
Testimonial: Joseph Taylor-Mountford

Podiatrist Kelvin has provided incredibly kind service. He is very professional and I am sure his hard work will help me return to football even stronger than before!

Joseph Taylor-Mountford
Professional Footballer
Testimonial: Chua Li Ying

Lynn was very patient in explaining the conditions of my foot as well as teaching me the exercises that I had to do daily. She was also very friendly and approachable. Overall, the service rendered by her was very satisfactory and pleasant. Good job! 🙂

Chua Li Ying
Application Technologist
Testimonial: Chua Han Wei

Genevieve is a pleasant Physiotherapist whom I enjoy working with, She takes time to ask about my daily activities outside of our Physiotherapy sessions. She often gives me suggestions on what I can do to recover faster. This shows that she is really focused on helping me recover as soon as possible.

Chua Han Wei
Testimonial: Tan Chew Ling (Vera’s Mum)

The Podiatrist Lynn is extremely attentive and meticulous. She spent effort to observe my child in-toeing issues and provide clear diagnosis. My daughter, Vera, seems afraid in the beginning but Lynn is very good with kids and she began to be comfortable with her.

Tan Chew Ling (Vera’s Mum)
Marketing Manager


We understand the importance of getting access to quality healthcare services when you need them the most. That’s why our physiotherapy and podiatry clinic in Singapore has partnered with trusted insurance panels so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your healthcare needs are covered. Our insurance panel partners include ADEPT HEALTH, Physio and Sole Clinic x HSBC Life Shield, Raffles Health Insurance, and Integrated Health Plan.


Physio & Sole @ Punggol

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Physio & Sole @ Orchard

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#08-07A Far East Shopping Centre,
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Physio & Sole @ Kovan

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Physio & Sole @ Jurong

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Singapore 418932

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Singapore 760807

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201E Tampines Street 23,
Singapore 527201

Women & Children Centre by Physio & Sole @ East Gate

46 East Coast Rd,
#07-03, East Gate @ Katong
Singapore 428766



The price of physiotherapy sessions at our clinic will depend on the severity of your condition and what kind of treatment you will need. If you want to know more about our prices, you can book an appointment with our team or contact us via WhatsApp at 98997967.

The best place to get physiotherapy treatment is the Physio & Sole Clinic. We work to provide safe and effective treatment for our patients, so they can live an optimal quality of life pain-free. Our team of physiotherapy practitioners is experienced and equipped with evidence-based knowledge on how to help patients improve their mobility and relieve pain caused by their health condition or injury.

The number of physiotherapy sessions you will need will depend on the severity of your condition and how well you respond to the treatment provided.

Seeing a physio is definitely worth it if you’re having trouble with mobility and persistent pain, resulting in the disruption of your daily life. If you’re an athlete and you’re constantly performing strenuous exercises, a physio in Singapore can also help in preventing sports or exercise-related injuries.

During your first appointment at Physio & Sole Clinic, our physiotherapy practitioner will assess your condition and then provide a detailed explanation of the cause of the injury, as well as the expected duration of recovery. With an accurate diagnosis, our physiotherapist will customise a treatment plan that will help optimise your healing process.


At Physio & Sole, we provide a comprehensive assessment of what is required to keep your feet healthy and to reduce instances of pain and injuries. Our team of internationally accredited and trained podiatrists and physiotherapists who are also multi-disciplinary therapists will be able to provide the highest standard of therapy and treatment for you in Singapore. We treat these common conditions that many people face.

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Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is a common condition where the nail edge grows into the adjacent skin. We have podiatrists that can effectively remove the offending nail pike with minimal pain by using special nail clippers. For severe cases, we provide conservative management for regular trimming and filing of nails.

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Bunions are a misalignment of the bones of the big toe. Our podiatrists in Singapore can provide symptomatic relief and long-term care to prevent the progression of your bunion. For better management of the condition, we also promote patient education to prevent relapse.

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Calluses and Corns

Corns and calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin that develop when the skin attempts to protect itself against friction or pressure. To treat calluses and corn, our podiatrist can perform corn removal, recommend ways to relieve and prevent pain, recommend proper footwear, and in some instances, prescribe special shoe inserts for long-term relief for the feet.

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Flat Feet

Flat foot is a condition where one or both feet have little to no arch. Treatment for Flat Feet at our podiatry clinic in Singapore involves a full assessment of the condition, development of a treatment plan, and in severe cases, includes the application of foot orthoses, footwear changes, and exercises.

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Heel Pain

A common condition, heel pain is the experience of intense pain when using the affected heel for activities. For heel pain, our physio clinic offers comprehensive non-invasive treatment that includes manual therapy techniques, sports taping, stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as prescription orthotics.

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Sports Injury

From ankle sprains to golfer’s elbow, partaking in dangerous, intense or repetitive tasks can bring about pains and aches. Our physiotherapy clinic is able to reduce the pain that comes with these conditions.

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Iliotibial Band (ITB) Friction Syndrome

When the tendon called the iliotibial band gets irritated or swollen due to constant rubbing against the hip or knee bones, it is known as Iliotibial band syndrome. The treatment for ITP involves restoring hip and knee functions by providing soft tissue releases, ultrasound therapy and taping for pain relief, as well as specific exercises and stretches. Pain relief treatment will also be provided at our physiotherapy clinic.

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Knee Osteoarthritis (Knee OA)

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease of the knee. Depending on the severity of the osteoarthritis, our physio in Singapore can improve the flexibility of your muscles around the knee and reduce the load on the joint to improve mobility.

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Lower Back Pain

Our clinic in Singapore provides physiotherapy for back pain depending on the diagnosis, severity, and progression of the condition. Treatment involves electrical stimulation, movement retraining, and manual therapy, among others.

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Wry Neck

Wry neck is a twisting of the neck, causing the head to rotate and tilt at an odd angle. Though wry necks can get better quickly without any treatment, some discomfort or limitation can persist even after the pain settles. The physiotherapists at our clinic can use manual neck traction to ease joint stiffness.


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Integrating the best of Physiotherapy and Podiatry, we at Physio & Sole are able to provide quality treatments, expert guidance and programmes that are designed to maintain optimal levels of our client’s fitness and performance. Placing emphasis on evidence-based treatments, we aim to maximise your quality of life so that you can freely engage in the pursuits you find joy in. Our Physiotherapy and Podiatry treatments include the following.

Chronic Pain Management

To address persistent pain conditions, our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore uses the Re-X, which is a specialised treatment programme aimed to reduce pain, retrain how you respond to pain, and help you gain independence.


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Effective in treating chronic soft tissue injuries and certain bone conditions, our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore uses Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, which is a reliable technology that offers quick pain relief and breaks up inflamed tissue.


Manual Therapy

An evidence-based treatment technique, the manual therapy offered in our physiotherapy clinic is delivered by a skilled therapist to restore mobility to stiff joints and reduce muscle tension.


Post-surgery Physiotherapy

Part of the post-surgical rehabilitation process, our physiotherapists provide customised post-operative rehab plans to assist in the recovery and restoration of body functions and improve your post-surgical injury so you can get back to your usual routine.


Postural Analysis

Our physiotherapist makes a postural analysis to identify biomechanical abnormalities and compensatory movements that contribute to musculoskeletal injuries. A postural correction programme is then provided to maintain spinal alignment, improve muscular endurance and increase the flexibility of tight muscle groups.


Schroth for Scoliosis

A type of Physiotherapy Specific Scoliosis Exercise Programme, the Schroth Method is a non-surgical treatment option for scoliosis and involves a customised exercise programme to achieve a neutral and balanced posture.


Sports Injury Treatment

To treat and prevent sports injuries, our clinic provides sports physiotherapy in Singapore for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts to help them reduce the pain and get them to perform at an optimal level again.


Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is designed to maintain the health of active individuals like athletes and enhance their performance. Focusing on areas overused and stressed areas of the body, our physiotherapists will aid with recovery, rehabilitation and maintenance.


Diabetes Foot Care, Education and Management

Our trained podiatrist will monitor and detect early changes to the feet by conducting diabetic foot screening and will provide advice on diabetic foot care as well as a specialised management plan to prevent diabetic wounds and lower limb amputations.


Customised Insoles Therapy

Designed to support, align, prevent or correct deformity and improve the function of the foot, our qualified podiatrists will accurately prescribe foot orthotics according to your foot type, weight, sport and footwear.


Sports Podiatry

Our podiatrists will conduct comprehensive foot biomechanics evaluations for athletes, such as joint evaluation, sports strapping and bracing, and more so that they can fulfil their various individual sporting needs successfully.


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At our physio and podiatry clinic in Singapore, our patients undergo a comprehensive assessment to understand the underlying cause of their condition or injury. With careful examination, our physiotherapists or podiatrist will determine the appropriate evidence-based modality for your condition and create a tailored treatment plan to help in your optimal recovery. Our patient-centred approach allows us to meet your unique health needs so that you can regain your ability to physically function or optimally perform in the sports or physical activities you love. We also maximise technology with our physiotherapy and podiatry techniques to reach where traditional methods can’t and further improve your healing.


For the young, the active and the silver-haired.

Physio & Sole Clinic Singapore

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