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From infants to seniors, we are here to help make every step in your life pain-free. Find out more about the range of podiatry treatments we offer in Singapore today.

What is podiatry?

Good foot health is essential for an active life. Healthy feet are important as your feet serve as the foundation of your entire body by supporting you, keeping you balanced and ensuring that you have an ideal posture. Neglecting foot pain can cause serious ailments in the long run and not to mention, affect your quality of life since you will not be able to take part in activities that you love, such as hiking, walking and playing sports. Without the ability to run or walk properly, it can drastically reduce your activity levels, which can cause poor health as well.

Common podiatry conditions among Singaporeans such as flat feet, heel pain and ingrown toenails can cause a lot of pain in your feet and the rest of your body. For example, you might change the way you walk due to pain in your foot, which can cause misaligned walking patterns, which will affect your knees, hips, spine and neck. Without treatment by a specialist, these misalignments in your body can cause posture problems or throw you off your balance more easily, which can lead to serious injuries.

Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist in Singapore

Your feet have tons of blood vessels, nerves, muscles and tendons, but that does not mean that you need to visit a doctor to have your feet issues treated or diagnosed. A podiatrist, in this case, will be more suitable to provide care and treatment for your painful feet, since they are trained to treat any conditions pertaining to your feet or ankles. Whether you are experiencing pain from flat feet or have a twisted ankle, our well-trained podiatrists in Singapore will be able to help you.

You deserve pain-free living

Experience a high level of care and professionalism from Physio & Sole Clinic’s highly qualified podiatrists. Book an appointment for a podiatry session in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podiatry Treatments in Singapore

What is podiatry?

Podiatry focuses on the diagnoses, treatment, management and prevention of diseases, injuries and defects in the foot, ankle and related structures of the leg. A podiatrist can help with a wide range of foot and lower limb problems from ingrown toenails and bunions to problems with gait as well as complications caused by medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.

At Physio & Sole Clinic, we aim to help patients have the best quality of life they deserve. Book an appointment for a podiatry session in Singapore and our podiatrists will help you with your concerns.

What to expect from a Podiatry session?

Our podiatrists help patients diagnose and manage their foot and leg conditions. These may involve musculoskeletal injuries, skin and nail conditions, as well as foot wounds. Podiatry treatments are mainly non-invasive and use non-oral medications in the treatment of foot pain and foot conditions as well as the rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the lower limbs. At Physio & Sole Clinic, our scope of practice ranges from infants requiring guidance in their development through to the elderly wishing to maintain an active lifestyle. Our experienced podiatrists apply leading research in our diagnosis when assessing your foot or leg condition. We will help you understand the cause of your pain and incorporate a treatment plan that will get you feeling and moving better.

Does Physio and Sole Clinic have certified podiatrists?

We pride ourselves as professional and ethical podiatrists who provide the best and most practical podiatry services for the rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the lower limbs. All our podiatrists are registered under the Podiatry Association (Singapore) and have consistently achieved high levels of patients’ satisfaction as reflected in our testimonials and surveys.

Does your clinic provide care for diabetic patients?

Here at Physio & Sole Clinic, we offer diabetes foot care for diabetic patients in Singapore. We highly recommend diabetic patients to have their feet checked by our podiatrists at least once every six to 12 months to prevent diabetic wounds from developing infection and leading to lower limb amputations in future.

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