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Discover How Post-Operative Physiotherapy Successfully Helps You Heal Faster

Physio&SoleClinic Physiotherapy May 30 2022

Undergoing surgical procedures is never easy. The downtime it takes to heal from surgery and the lifestyle changes required to safely recuperate can seem daunting. Physiotherapy is one of the post-operative fundamentals that can actually help you recover from surgery. Whether it’s a surgical procedure for a wear-and-tear or sports injury, physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process to assist with recovery, restore body functions, and to get the most out of surgery.

Collaborating closely with a physiotherapist 

 Post-surgical physiotherapy involves personalised exercises and manual therapy  that  are prescribed by a trained physiotherapist after a surgery. The physiotherapist will analyse the kind of surgery performed, the patient’s body type, physical fitness and tissue conditions before developing a tailored programme for physical rehabilitation. The collaborative formulation of a rehab plan and physiotherapy sessions means you should work with a physiotherapist whom you feel comfortable with to achieve your desired outcome.

Post-operative rehabilitation can be incredibly challenging but has a huge payoff in aiding successful surgical recovery with improved range of motion, muscle strength, and function. You may naturally  be fearful of moving the surgical area of your body, but if done right, it can actually help recovery instead of causing further damage. You may be surprised by how much you can actually do or the range of motion you have post-surgery. 

It is important to begin your rehabilitation journey with patience and persistence, and be aware of what you can or cannot do during different phases of your recovery. The most important aspect post-surgery is to ensure you get moving as soon as it is safe for you to do so for a better healing process. Your physiotherapist will be able to guide you through this process with graded exposure to targeted exercises and manual therapy to aid in your recovery. Your post-operative physiotherapy plan and frequency can always be revised to match your recovery status.

The basics of getting started on post-operative physiotherapy

Post-surgical rehabilitation can begin as soon as possible once you have the green light from your surgeon.  Early physiotherapy intervention – can help avoid side effects like decreased blood flow to the surgical area, and weakening and atrophy of muscles if they go without use for a long time. 

In addition to your post surgery physiotherapy sessions in the clinic, you  will also be advised to do some of the rehab exercises at home. Your physiotherapist will teach you the right techniques and ensure you have mastered the exercises with the right form before sending you home to do the rehab exercises. Closely following your physiotherapist’s instructions can help prevent further injuries from happening. 

WIth  physiotherapy you will see:

1. Improved circulation

Better circulation through basic exercises and even massages can facilitate faster healing and prevent post-surgery blood clots from forming. 

2. Reduction in pain and swelling

The right type of rehabilitation can reduce the unavoidable localised pain and swelling after surgery. 

3. Regain strength

Surgery will inevitably result in a loss of strength and stamina. The more quickly you get back to simple movements and exercise, the faster you can regain motion in the specific areas that need strengthening.

Healing is a complex process that involves bones, muscles and soft tissues. The average timeline for recovery with post-operative physiotherapy ranges from an average of 4 months to 6 months but it can also be earlier, or it can also take longer, depending on the individuals’ condition and progress. 

Professional Post-Operative Rehabilitation

For your post-surgical rehabilitation, look for practitioners who will take time to understand your condition and provide a high quality of care. 

Physio & Sole Clinic’s physiotherapists are committed to providing personalised surgical rehabilitation and working closely with you on the planned physiotherapy programme. We begin first by educating you on your condition. Once you are equipped with this knowledge, we can guide you through suitable rehabilitation exercises and treatment modalities to improve your post-surgical rehabilitation journey. With the rehab plans and guidance, physiotherapy can get you back to your normal routine and function sooner. Book an appointment at one of our conveniently located clinics to get started on your post-surgery recovery.

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