Sports Taping

Wrapping of supportive tape around areas of the body during sport or physical activities is designed to protect them from injury or aid recovery from a previous injury. It acts as additional support, stability, and compression for the affected body part. Through proper application, sports taping can shorten the muscle’s angle of pull; decrease or […]


Sports Massage Therapy

Developed to maintain the health of athletes or active individuals and to enhance their performance, sports massage caters to individual needs and focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. Sports massage techniques range from gentle stroking, kneading to deeper manual techniques. It emphasises on promoting […]



What is Schroth? The Schroth Method is a type of Physiotherapy Specific Scoliosis Exercise Programme (PSSE). It is a non-surgical treatment option for scoliosis and is focused on early intervention. It is targeted for idiopathic scoliosis: A sideways bending of the spine greater than 10 degrees accompanied by rotation of the spine, which has no […]


Postural Analysis

Back and neck discomfort can result from working on the computer for long hours. Similarly, pain can also develop due to prolonged work that require s standing and other sustained postures. Postural analysis can help identify biomechanical abnormalities and compensatory movements that contribute to musculoskeletal injuries. How can a Physiotherapist help? Our physiotherapist can make […]


Post-Surgery Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an important part of the post-surgical rehabilitation process. It involves personalised exercise prescribed after a surgery, to assist the recovery and restoration of body functions. This plays an extremely important role in helping patients to get the most benefit out of their surgery.  At Physio & Sole Clinic, our physiotherapists are committed to providing customised post-operative rehab plans that begin by first educating you […]


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a highly specialised, evidence-based treatment technique especially helpful in the treatment of stiff joints – a common problem that results in the lack of adequate mobility and range of motion. Joint stiffness typically develops from degeneration or injury which causes normal movement to feel restricted and uneasy. This limitation may then cause […]


Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management: Physio and Sole Clinic Re-X Program “pronounced as Re-Acts” Chronic Pain is a complex, multi-dimensional experience. Most people believe that pain exists because of injury, but it is more than just that. Pain, often associated with actual or potential tissue damage, can be an extremely unpleasant experience. It affects you, both physically and mentally. […]


Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive treatment method that uses high-energy shockwaves to treat chronic soft tissue injuries and certain bone conditions. This therapy has been around since the 1980s, initially developed to treat kidney stones by disintegrating them. Today, this technology is commonly used to treat conditions involving tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles, […]