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Sports Injury

Defined as musculoskeletal injuries sustained during sports or physical activities, such injuries can be categorised into:

  • Acute injuries: usually traumatic, such as fractures, dislocations, ligament sprains and muscle tears.
  • Overuse injuries: developed over a period of time, usually associated with an increase in training intensity and frequency. Examples are stress fractures, compartment syndromes and tendon degeneration that occur due to the additional load placed upon musculoskeletal structures by increased training demands of modern day endurance events.

How physiotherapy can help

  • Our physiotherapists will help you understand why your injury occurs and identify aggravating factors that contribute to the injury treatment.
  • Treatment such as ice, soft tissue release techniques and biomechanical assessment can help reduce your pain.
  • We will also help you return to sports quickly and to perform at a satisfactory level. This involves the analysis of sports -specific skills and identification of potential areas for improvement, such as poor flexibility or muscular endurance after injury. Upon evaluation, an individualised exercise programme can be developed during the physiotherapy session to enhance the individual’s recovery.

Our physiotherapists can provide this treatment for you.

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