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Sports Injuries Talk @ Fitness First Paragon

Physio&SoleClinic Physiotherapy, Podiatry March 8 2015

As part of our continuous effort to introduce and share the world of physiotherapy and podiatry to the masses, The Sole Clinic’s specialists made a recent trip  down to ‪Fitness First Paragon, where we conducted a casual and informative talk with their personal trainers! The interactive session was kept robust with many trainers asking relevant questions based on their experience working with gym goers, as well as how injuries can be identified early so as to prevent further strain or damage onto their client’s body.

Our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Lian Guojie, contributed his valuable knowledge on acute and chronic knee injuries, amassed over his years of experience as an allied health specialist. He also offered tips on how to spot specific tell-tale signs that an individual is suffering from knee pain.

Our Chief Podiatrist, Fiona Hu, also gave her expertise on how customised insoles can aid exercise enthusiasts in improving their overall performance. These specially-made insoles, through foot orthotic therapy, can help individuals alleviate lower limb pain by correcting their running biomechanics.

The session ended with a simple demonstration of some basic assessment and observation skills used by experienced physiotherapists and podiatrists to assess patients in the clinic.

The Sole Clinic team looks forward to organising more of such talks and workshops on a frequent basis in the near future (feel free to contact us!) We hope to live up to our promise and fulfill our responsibility as ambassadors of the podiatry and physiotherapy professions.

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