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What is Schroth?

  • The Schroth Method is a type of Physiotherapy Specific Scoliosis Exercise Programme (PSSE). It is a non-surgical treatment option for scoliosis and is focused on early intervention.
  • It is targeted for idiopathic scoliosis: A sideways bending of the spine greater than 10 degrees accompanied by rotation of the spine, which has no known cause.
  • A customized exercise programme will be tailored for each scoliosis patient under a physiotherapist’s supervision to achieve a neutral and balanced posture.
  • It can only be conducted by a certified Schroth physiotherapist.

When can Schroth be initiated?

  • Depending on a few factors, Schroth can be done at different time points. A trained physiotherapist will need to assess if Schroth is a suitable treatment option for your scoliosis depending on your age, curve size and goals of treatment.
  • Schroth can be conducted:
    • For milder curves: To achieve better posture and possibly minimize progression to reduce chances of bracing
    • Together with bracing: To assist in reducing the side effects of bracing (e.g muscle wasting). It can also improve the efficacy of the brace
    • Before surgery to maintain the mobility of the curve to achieve maximal correction, or
    • Post-operation to regain strength and achieve a balanced posture

What are the general aims of Schroth?

  • To improve postural balance by aiming for 3-dimensional postural correction
  • Understanding your scoliosis and having the ability to cope with the scoliosis by focusing on active treatment
  • Diminish any functional limitations: e.g. control of pain, improving rib-cage mobility

How can our physiotherapists help?

  • Visit our Specialist Schroth Physiotherapist for dedicated scoliosis treatment.
  • If Schroth is not a suitable programme for you, our physiotherapists can also assist with general scoliosis management such as:
    • General posture awareness
    • Pain management and Stretching / Strengthening exercises
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