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Shoulder Injuries: Rotator Cuff Pain

The rotator cuff consists of a group of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint, which provides stability during shoulder movement. A rotator cuff injury may present as a dull aching pain inthe shoulder, and the pain may worsen when the arm is lifted away from the body. Rotator cuff injuries are common in people with occupations that require them to perform repetitive overhead movements, including athletes such as tennis or badminton players. The risk of developing a rotator cuff injury increases with age, and it often occurs in people aged 50 years or above.


  • Trauma to the shoulder
  • Progressive degeneration (wear and tear of tendon or soft tissue)
  • Repetitive overhead activity
  • Repetitive heavy lifting

Common Signs and Symptoms

  • Deep, dull ache in the shoulder
  • Weakness when lifting or rotating your arm
  • Pain at rest and at night, particularly if lying on the affected shoulder
  • Difficulty in tying up or combing hair
  • Difficulty in reaching behind back

How can a Physiotherapist help?

  • Our experienced physiotherapists can assess your condition for an accurate diagnosis, as well as check for injury to other structures around the shoulder joint.
  • He or she will then manage your symptoms by tailoring a customized treatment plan, which typically involves a combination of the following:
    • Restoration of range of movement and improve shoulder flexibility
    • Improving muscle strength and joint proprioception to reinforce stability
    • Reinforcement of muscle recruitment
    • Ultrasound therapy
    • Sports taping
  • Rehabilitation can also be function-specific or sport-specific depending on your goals. Our physiotherapists will ensure a safe transition in your recovery to doing what you do best.

Shoulder rotator cuff injuries can be debilitating. It is best to seek help early. Feel free to send in your queries to our Ask a Physiotherapist Whatsapp Service at 9899 7967, or call us at 9126 8257 to arrange an appointment. Let our physiotherapists help with the management of your rotator cuff pain!

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