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Cycling Injuries

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These injuries are unique and require special attention not just to the cyclist but also to the bike he or she is riding. As the popularity of this sport increases, there is a growing demand for treatment and prevention of cycling associated injuries.

Cycling injuries can be broadly categorised into traumatic or overuse injuries:

  • Common traumatic cycling injuries may include acromioclavicular (AC) joint sprains, clavicle fractures (due to crashes) and elbow dislocations if the cyclists happen to break their fall with locked elbows.
  • Overuse injuries due to excessive cycling include patellar tendinitis, ITB (Iliotibial Band) Friction syndrome, hip muscle strains, neck aches and lower back pain. These injuries tend to occur due to over-training and poor bike fits causing muscles imbalances and thus leading to pain.

How can a physiotherapist help?

  • The key to treating overuse injuries from cycling is to have a biomechanical assessment and identification of the contributing factors to the injuries. Early treatment is essential to prevent a small injury from becoming a wearisome chronic problem.
  • Our physiotherapist will be able to get an accurate understanding of the interactions between the bike components (ie saddle height, stem length, frame size) and the physical condition of the cyclist (ie flexibility, posture, endurance of muscles required in cycling), in order to form a treatment plan.

Our physiotherapists can provide this treatment for you.

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