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Sing Pei Kheng Myra

Senior Podiatrist

Fluent Languages: English

Pei Kheng graduated with a First Class Honours in Bachelor of Science Podiatry from the University of Southampton in 2016, under a scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Health.

When practicing at Changi General Hospital, she gained vast experience in treating all foot conditions, including ingrown toenails, warts and fungal nail infections. She was the primary podiatrist in the Wound Healing Centre, managing complex wounds (e.g. diabetic foot wounds) alongside a multidisciplinary team of Vascular Doctors and Wound Care Nurses.

At the Singapore Sports Medicine Centre (SSMC), she has managed various adult and youth sports injuries and grew her skillset in musculoskeletal podiatry. Her time at SSMC raised her interest in helping patients with running-related injuries and footwear science.

She continuously updates herself with the latest footwear trends and clinical research and strives to treat patients holistically. She believes a well-rounded approach to manage feet issues should include a combination of orthotic prescription, exercises, shockwave therapy and lifestyle modifications tailored to the individual.

Intrigued by movement and the fluidity of mobility, and a proponent of feet being the foundation of movement, she is both an EBFA certified Barefoot Training Specialist and Bare Workout Instructor. The certifications help her prescribe exercises that target foot strength and proprioception, two factors crucial to preventing common injuries.

Outside of work, Pei Kheng pursues various activities in strength and conditioning, from barbells to kettlebells to yoga, and she seeks to enjoy the outdoors and nature more. Pei Kheng holds her active lifestyle close to her heart and empathises with injured patients struggling to participate in sports or activities. Working with patients to understand their expectations and rehabilitation goals, she strives to achieve them promptly and efficiently and finds fulfilment when patients return to sport at their desired level.

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