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Our Clinicians

Kwok Siew Keong (SK)

Principal Podiatrist

Siew Keong (SK) graduated with a Bachelors in Podiatric Medicine from The University of Western Australia in Perth, and was awarded a scholarship from Singapore General Hospital (SGH). Having spent 8 years in one of the world’s best hospitals, SK has worked with a diverse group of patients, ranging from young children, active athletes, working adults to the elderly. He is experienced in a wide range of podiatric conditions, ranging from advanced wound management, recurrent ingrown toenails to complex musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. SK also went on to obtain further training in areas such as joint mobilisation, dry needling and exercise prescription. Beyond Podiatry, SK also pursued a Masters in Business Administration to diversify his skillset.

Having a special interest in MSK conditions, SK was appointed to the MSK Specialist Team in 2015 and has worked closely with the Orthopaedics Department. SK was part of a multi-disciplinary clinic with Orthopaedics doctors and was the Podiatrist point-of-contact for post-operation patients. His work played an important role in supporting patients in their post-op recovery journey immediately after their foot and ankle procedures. His close collaboration with the Orthopaedic surgeons ensured his patients received timely care in the successful management of their feet conditions. Besides clinical work, SK was also a MSK clinical supervisor. He also started the MSK Case Discussion Club in SGH Podiatry Department and organised the SGH Podiatry Assistants Lower Limb Stretching and Strengthening Course.

SK’s touch of care is well felt by all his patients. His sincerity and genuine concern is acknowledged through the multiple SGH Allied Health Division Service Awards and Singhealth Service Quality Awards accorded in his consecutive years of service there. He is also the 1st Podiatrist in SGH Podiatry department’s long running history to win the SGH Heart of Gold award.

Beyond the clinic room, SK has also conducted foot care education and Podiatry awareness talks to various community groups and organisations, and has volunteered in multiple outreach programmes, such as World Diabetes Day, Sundown Marathon, Special Olympics 2019. He is also the current President of Podiatry Association (Singapore), and has served as a Treasurer from 2019 to 2021.

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