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Kinesiology Taping

Physio&SoleClinic Physiotherapy, Sports Injury November 26 2020

Enticed by the fanciful colours on display by professional athletes? They are actually applying Kinesiology Tape.

What is Kineosiology Taping (KT)?

KT is an elastic tape that can stretch up to 140% of its original length and recoils back to its original length upon application, creating a lifting effect or pulling force on the skin. When applied appropriately, KT has the following benefits:

  • facilitate joint and muscle realignment by effecting muscle activity
  • improve blood and lymph circulation by increasing the interstitial space under the skin
  • reduce pain by decreasing the pressure on pain receptors or nerve endings
  • reposition displaced joints by reducing muscle tension
  • increase spatial awareness by stimulating mechanoreceptors on the skin surface
  • improve fascia and muscle function

Kinesiology taping on knee

An advantage of KT over conventional sports taping is that KT is water-resistant and can be worn for longer periods without the need for reapplication. However, it can be difficult to apply KT on hard to reach areas such as the back, and you may need help from another person to apply. KT may also cause possible skin irritation due to our weather or if one has sensitive skin. 

To ensure safe and correct use of KT, you should approach your local podiatrist or physiotherapist. Feel free to consult our friendly physiotherapists over Whatsapp at +65 98997967 for professional advice on how to apply Kinesiology Tape!

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