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Enlisting for National Service?

Physio&SoleClinic Ankle Sprains, Fungal Nail Infection, Heel Pain, Podiatry January 30 2020

Do take note of these common foot conditions that occur during Basic Military Training (BMT)!

Fungal Foot Infection/Foot Rot

Fungus thrives in dark and moist areas, which unfortunately makes our feet highly susceptible to fungal infections. Prolonged wearing of covered shoes and boots, combined with profuse sweating from intensive physical activities, create an ideal environment for fungal infection to occur. Also, the sharing of common shower areas in camps makes it easy for contagious fungal spores to spread amongst your platoon mates. Therefore, try your best to maintain good feet hygiene by keeping your feet dry and clean as much as possible. Here are some simple tips:

  • Wash your feet as regularly as you can
  • Change your socks daily, or after every activity if you have sweaty feet
  • Use an antiperspirant spray on your feet before wearing socks and shoes
  • Wear a pair of slippers into common shower areas
  • Apply antifungal powder or creams (not Prickly Heat) on the feet daily if you already have fungus

Ankle Sprains

The increase in amount of physical activities, including running, marching and jumping on uneven terrains, can cause possible strains or sprains in the ankles. To prevent this, secure the shoe or boot laces tightly each use. You should also perform all warm up and cool down exercises properly!

Overuse Injuries

The sudden increase in physical activities and carrying of heavy loads will place greater stress on your back, knees and feet, especially if you have been sedentary prior to enlistment. This can lead to overuse injuries, such as shin splints, stress fractures and tendonitis. Therefore, it is important to have a gradual training schedule to prepare yourself prior to enlistment. If you are experiencing severe pains and aches on your legs or feet during BMT, do sound out to your officer in charge and seek medical attention.

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