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Diabetes – Are you at risk?

Physio&SoleClinic Diabetes Foot Care, Physiotherapy December 26 2014

Foreword from Dr. Ben Ng, Echo Programme Director
“In clinical practice, I am frequently asked what makes a person more susceptible to developing diabetes at a later stage of their life.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus or ‘sugar’ diabetes is increasing exponentially all across Asia and Europe. It is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke and other illnesses. Genetically, South East Asians are at greater risk of developing this condition as compared to Caucasians. That means we must try even harder to fight the onset of diabetes!

Other factors like age and gender can also increase the risk. However, the bigger culprits are obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Read: You don’t have to spot a pot belly to be at risk. Many of my patients are shocked when I advise them to lose weight. Besides belly fat, there is an ‘invisible’ layer of fat in your liver which directly increases your risk for diabetes. In other words, you can look thin but still be fat.

Fortunately, a balanced diet and regular exercise can help. If you have any questions, email us at ECHO@cgh.com.sg or even better, take part in the activities ECHO has lined up for you! ”

Footprints of Fat Buster Workshops…

Batch June and July
Check out our Fat Buster Workshop graduates from Batch 01 (June) and 02 (July)! Under the guidance of dietitians, physiotherapists and a pharmacist, they are now armed with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthier lifestyle!

Follow-up Session with Batch 01 (Jun) on 6 Aug 2011
Eight weeks after they sat through the workshop, our first batch of Fat Buster Workshop graduates got their action plans reviewed by ECHO coordinators. They also shared the challenges faced and got advice from ECHO professionals.

Next Issue
Workshop participants share their success stories in losing weight by improving their daily lifestyles through applying skills set learnt during Fat Buster Workshops. Stay tuned!

Get your answers from ECHO professionals!
“I am very active in sports but seldom do stretching before or after exercise.

Is stretching important?”
Harry Lem, 43

“Many have heard of the importance of stretching before and after a workout but do not know why that is so. Studies have shown that exercising without stretching is 30% less effective for one’s body and increases the risk of injury. Stretching before workouts prepare your muscles for the work they are about to accomplish and allows more oxygen to reach the working muscles. Post workout stretching releases the accumulated tension within the muscles, which helps to safely restore our muscles to its original state or form.”

Vanessa Goh

Changi General Hospital

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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