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7 things that make Physio & Sole Clinic a success

Physio&SoleClinic Physiotherapy, Podiatry June 21 2015

Here are some interesting things about Physio & Sole Clinic’s clinicians that are adding to its success factor!


  1. Chemistry and teamwork

Talk about chemistry and team work. Physio & Sole Clinic’s Physiotherapists Wesley Chee and Lian Guojie were ex classmates in school and have known one another for more than a decade. The joy, laughter and frustration(sometimes) of working together has gone some way back. The familiarity with their working styles have served them well at the clinic with constant discussions on how to better serve the patients happening almost on a daily basis!

Wes & Guojie during one of the school trips


And, did you know the founders of Physio & Sole Clinic, Wesley Chee (Chief Physiotherapist) and Fiona Hu (Chief Podiatrist) are married with 2 kids?

The two were colleagues at a local hospital before deciding to venture into private practice. It was also because of the professional interactions they had (and still having) that they conceived the idea of combining the expertise of both professions in the treatment of their patients. This approach has since rubbed off onto the rest of the team at Physio & Sole Clinic.


  1. Passionate about music

As one of the most passionate Physiotherapists around, Guojie, our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist also shares the same passion for spinning music! He is a legitimate DJ and used to feature in many bars and clubs in Singapore. Zouk, Wine Bar, Ministry of Sound, Overeasy were just some of the places he used to strut his stuff! His taste for good music has often led him to play some of his collections during the treatment session. There is very little wonder why we can see his patients grooving to his music while performing their exercises.

Guojie the Dee Jay, grooving to the music.

Fiona also happens to be musically inclined – she has Grade 8 in piano and used to give piano lessons during her off days.


  1. Champion Sportsman

Wesley Chee is a true blue sportsman. His resilience and go-getter mentality stems from his training as a competitive canoeist during his younger days. He has since retired from competitive kayaking after deciding to be a Sports Physiotherapist. Wesley used to be an Under-19 kayaking champion and had finished 4th at the National Canoeing Championships(2002).

Wesley also represented his school in badminton. When he worked in a local hospital, he would take part in the badminton competition at the annual sports meet. He was the defending mixed doubles champion for several years.

Canoeing & Kayaking Champions


  1. First Local Podiatry Practice

Fiona Hu is the first Singaporean Podiatrist to start a private practice. Before Physio & Sole Clinic started, all other podiatry practices in Singapore were foreign owned. Fiona strongly believes in grooming and growing the local podiatry community. She has served as an active member of the Podiatry Association of Singapore and was the youngest serving president of the association (2013-2015).


  1. Highly Specialised Physiotherapists

Wesley and Guojie belongs to a rare breed of physiotherapists who are highly specialised in the treatment of pain arising from bones, muscles and joints (musculoskeletal issues). All of them are trained in post-graduate programmes from Australia. The difference between these programmes as compared to entry level physiotherapy programmes is that they are taught advance assessment and treatment skills, and are rigorously trained to ensure patients recover faster, better and safer.


  1. Gatekeeper Of The Profession

Guojie has set strict and high standards in the way he practises physiotherapy. He is always seen reading up scientific evidence to keep himself abreast of the latest developments in treatment methods. Given his dedication to keep standards high within the profession, Guojie is one of few physiotherapists in Singapore identified as assessors of foreign physios who wish to be licensed locally.


  1. Growing Team

Physio & Sole Clinic is definitely growing and we are looking forward to filling up a few positions at our clinics very soon. Watch this space for more updates on our new clinicians in times to come.


Main photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels.

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