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Zaobao.sg Feature – Exercises for Pregnancy

Physio&SoleClinic Pregnancy-Related Pain, Women's Health December 5 2022

(Photo credit: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/lifestyle/health/story20221204-1340095)

Pregnancy is the period where a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes both physically and mentally. Exercising during pregnancy helps mothers-to-be to navigate through pregnancy smoothly and positively. Among known positive effects of exercise includes better weight gain control, alleviation of back pain, reduced risk of gestational diabetes, easier birth, and better mental health. 

In reference to the physical activity and exercise guidelines launched in 2020 by the Perinatal Society of Singapore, exercise is generally safe for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Multi-modal exercise regime incorporating flexibility, strengthening, and aerobics exercises are recommended.

Our women’s health physiotherapist Maureen was featured in a Zaobao two-part series! We shared useful exercises mothers-to-be can do to better navigate through pregnancy smoothly.

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Part 2: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/lifestyle/health/story20221211-1342358

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