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Tennis Elbow

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Also known as lateral epicondylitis, this is the most common elbow injury. Although it is a frequent tennis injury, it is more common in people who do not play tennis at all!


  • Overuse from repeated extension of the wrist against resistance, such as in racket sports, sewing, cooking or knitting.
  • It can present itself after a sudden bout of exertion such as heavy lifting, or performing hours of unaccustomed activity such as prolonged sewing or use of a new racket.
  • The condition can also develop from prolonged usage of computers.

Common Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain at the outer elbow, when gripping or lifting.
  • Pain with resisted wrist extension and executing backhand techniques in racket sports.

How can a Physiotherapist help?

  • A management plan will be tailored depending on severity and chronicity of the injury. It is important that you follow the management plan in order to achieve optimal results.
  • Treatment involves a combination of soft tissue massage, manual therapy and ultrasound therapy to control pain, and exercises to restore flexibility and strength.
  • You may also be advised on modifying your activities and on the use of a brace to reduce forces on the wrist extensor tendons.

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