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5 Reasons why you should visit Physio and Sole Clinic for Sports Podiatry Services

Physio&SoleClinic Podiatry, Sports Injury January 31 2016

What is Sports Podiatry?

Sports podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb disorders for all levels of sports.

Care is taken to identify the injured structure and assess the damaging forces acting on it. The aim is to reduce these forces to a pain-free level.

A Sports Podiatry assessment involves a thorough biomechanical assessment, footwear advice and/or the provision of functional foot orthoses.

Here are 5 reasons why  Physio & Sole Clinic is different in the way we provide Sports Podiatry Services:

  1. We do not over-prescribe Foot Orthoses (Insoles)
    Many lower limb injuries result from issues coming from the knee, hip or back. These are problems that may not improve much with using foot orthoses. This is supported by many research articles. At Physio & Sole Clinic, you can be assured that if insoles cannot resolve your injury problems, we will not prescribe it.  We understand Foot Orthoses are expensive devices and it is our underlying principle to prescribe them only when necessary – and we are very proud of this!
  2. No Rush!
    Our first consultation is a full 45 minutes session where our podiatrists will identify the injured structures, observe the way you walk or run, and decide if any of your current movement patterns are contributing to increased stress or load on the injured area. At Physio & Sole Clinic, this always involves a Video Gait Analysis, where you get to observe how you walk so as to  better understand your biomechanics.
  3. Quality Communication
    We spend time to explain and clarify doubts so our patients fully understand their condition. We believe a patient’s thorough understanding of their own condition is the first step to healing. We use an array of point form notes, pictures and mind maps to help every patient understand better.
  4. Multidisciplinary Setting
    When foot orthoses may not completely resolve certain conditions, our Post-graduate trained physiotherapists are around to provide prompt and relevant therapy. We conduct joint consultations and many orthopaedic surgeons refer their patients for such consultations. This is our advantage – having Physiotherapists and Podiatrists all under one roof. We arrange our schedules such that at any point in time, both a podiatrist and a physiotherapist are around at the clinic.
  5. Customised treatment plans
    Many patients have a misconception that the end result of seeing a podiatrist means having to wear ‘granny’ shoes or sports shoes forever. We have an array of different treatments options like Strength & Conditioning Programs by Physiotherapists, Slim Fit Insoles, Rock Tape, Yamuna Foot Fitness or Straps Australia that can reduce the need for long term use of insoles. We cater our treatment to your short-term treatment goals and the long-term lifestyle needs. With other forms of treatment, most patients do not have to wear bulky shoes and inserts in the long term. You can be assured you will most likely be able to keep your stylish shoes!

Do you require quality sport podiatry services? Drop us a note!

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