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We endeavour to facilitate our patients‘recovery in the quickest and safest manner for them to resume and enjoy their pre-injury lifestyle.

What to expect from a Physiotherapy session?

Physiotherapy involves the diagnosis and management of a person’s injury, disease or physical deformity. The focus is on resolving functional issues such as difficulties in the movement and performance of daily activities.

Physiotherapy is dedicated towards:

  • Relieving your pain, managing impairments or disabilities.
  • Improving your physical mobility and performance.
  • Advocating injury prevention and healthy living.
  • Improving overall quality of life.

Physiotherapy is non-invasive. In your first visit, you will undergo a thorough assessment of your condition. Our physiotherapist will then provide a detailed explanation of the cause of injury and the expected duration of recovery.

Educating our patients with the knowledge of their condition or injury is a big part of the Physio & Sole Clinic’s physiotherapy treatment experience. With an accurate diagnosis, our physiotherapist will customise a rehabilitation programme that optimises treatment outcome. Physiotherapy treatment typically involves one or a combination of the following treatment techniques during the session:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Functional Rehabilitation
  • Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Electrical Physical Agents such as ultrasound therapy and functional electrical stimulation
  • Foot Orthotic Therapy

We will always involve you in the decision making and develop a supportive partnership to manage your health and fitness. We will also impart you with the knowledge on how to prevent further injury. This is how we have consistently delivered a high level of patient satisfaction in our years of practice. All our physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in physiotherapy management of orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries.

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