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Lim Fang Yee

Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Diploma in Physiotherapy, Singapore
Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), Trinity College of Dublin
AHPC Registered Physiotherapist

Fluent Languages: English, Chinese, Hokkien

Lim Fang Yee graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2016 with a diploma in Physiotherapy and went on to obtain an Honors Degree for Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) from Trinity College of Dublin in 2017.

Fang Yee started his career as a physiotherapist in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, where he spent 8 years gaining valuable experience in multiple areas of physiotherapy, including musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, acute cardiopulmonary care at intensive care unit and neurological rehabilitation. Stemming from his interest in the human brain, Fang Yee took special interests in neurological rehabilitation, where he spent 4 years caring and helping his patients in the acute stroke unit and neurosurgical ward (literally) back on their feet. 8 years on, Fang Yee is now chasing his passion for movement back to the roots of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pursuing his career here with Physio and Sole Clinic.

Fang Yee strongly believes in the role of exercise and movement, living by the motto of “Move to live, not live to move”. He remains passionate about the power of the human brain in driving recovery, as well as recognizing his role in empowering clients in active rehabilitation towards their journey to recovery.

In his free time, Fang Yee is an avid angler. He can often be found at dawn or dusk at his favourite fishing spots luring for his next personal best record.

He started off fishing at a local offshore trip during the start of the Covid pandemic. He got hooked immediately to fishing, and ventured further into local freshwater luring and shore casting. He is looking forward to a few upcoming overseas offshore trips as the borders open up.

Fang Yee enjoys tranquility during fishing, where despite the scorching sun and ever-buzzing mosquitoes, he is able to calm his mind into focusing on a single task.

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