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5 Things You Don’t Know About Senior Podiatrist Zelina Loh

Physio&SoleClinic Podiatry February 16 2016

1. Zelina loves animals

 Zelina has a soft heart for cats and dogs, and swoons over pictures of animals on Instagram daily and when travelling, she never fails to make friends with some animals. Despite being allergic to cats, she still visits the cat cafes with a dose of antihistamines. She is also known to be a “cat woman” among her friends.

2. Zelina has cycled down the coast of Taiwan

Besides casual rides along East Coast Park, Changi Beach, and around the neighbourhood, Zelina accomplished a 200km ride along the east coast of Taiwan. Still afflicted by cycling fever at the end of the trip, she hand carried a bike back from Taiwan.

The Tiffany blue bike that took Zelina in Taiwan.


3. Zelina picked up the travelling bug recently

Having spent much of her youth in Australia, Zelina took advantage of Singapore’s high degree of connectivity to see the world. Over the last two years, she has travelled to eight countries and 13 cities. She enjoys the new experience that she discovers in every city she visits such as glamping (glamour camping) in Melbourne. Being a newly-wed, she hopes to see more of the world with her husband.

Roughing it out in glamour in the Outback

4. Food is Zelina’s kryptonite

 Food, glorious food! Definitely Zelina’s biggest weakness. She enjoys her meals with good company, and gets cranky when she misses a meal. Zelina also enjoys trying out new cuisines, and is always on the lookout for the next restaurant to dine at. That explains why she has never been able to go on a diet.


5. Zelina goes shutter-happy with her camera

 Not wanting to lose out on any moment, Zelina’s right index finger can constantly be found on her camera’s shutter release. She is known amongst her groups of friends as the selfie/wefie expert, and is so skilled at that she takes a mean photo with her phone’s rear camera. She is unofficially the designated group photographer at every gathering with friends.

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