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5 interesting things about Principal Sports Physiotherapist Jaylene Ho

Physio&SoleClinic Physiotherapy March 24 2017

  1. Never a day without TEA

There is never a day you will catch Jaylene without her thermos flask of tea in her clinic. Tea is her daily H2O. She fell in love with tea while studying in Australia. Whenever she travels to Australia, she will buy back a whole year’s supply of T2 teas. Her all-time favourite is French Earl Grey from T2.

  1. Horrible Ankles

Jaylene had multple ankle sprains when she was young and highly active in sports. She had torn her anterior talofibular ligaments in both ankles as well overstretched her right calcaneofibular ligament.  This led to Jaylene herself being a physiotherapy patient. With the help of her physiotherapist, she was able to avoid an ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. Through her rehabilitation journey, Jaylene had observed how a physiotherapist works and she was inspired. She subsequently enrolled into the physiotherapy program and began her journey to become a Sports Physiotherapist!

  1. In love with furry animals

Jaylene used to have a huge phobia of dogs, after being chased by a pack of 3 German shepherds while cycling around her neighbourhood when she was very young. Despite the phobia, she had the chance to experience how cute and friendly dogs and other furry animals were while studying in Australia. Since then, she has developed a soft spot for flurry animals. You might sometimes find her scrolling through Instagram and Facebook looking for photos of furry animals.

  1. Loves adventure and travelling.

From a very young age, Jaylene had picked up the travel bug from her godfather. A sample of her numerous adventures: trekked up the mountains in Nepal, parasailed and helmet dived in Boracay, skied in Korea, sand boarded in Australia, rode in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. Her latest adventure was horse riding and ATV driving on the grassland in Inner Mongolia! She is planning to go on a guided trip to Pyongyang, North Korea next!

  1. Food Food Food

Jaylene loves food! She is always going around exploring new food creations. What Jaylene enjoys most is good food with good company. Thus, it is almost impossible for her to go on a diet!

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